Scott Heck


Scott Heck began training in martial arts in 1983 at age 13 studying Goju Ryu karate. He practiced Goju Ryu for slightly more than a year. In 1985 he discovered a Pai Lum kung fu and t’ai chi school in Altamonte Springs, Florida and began studying there. He never looked back. The school was run by Grandmaster Dr. Daniel K. Pai with senior student instructor Stephen Rosenzweig. In 1988 Scott transferred to another of Dr. Pai’s schools in Sanford, Florida and continued his studies with Long-Shr (dragon teacher) David Jacobs until 1991. Afterwards, he began studying with Long-Shr Stephen Rosenzweig in Leesburg, Florida and was accepted as a direct student of Grandmaster Pai. He had the honor of studying with Grandmaster Pai until his death in 1993, and the unique privilege of being the last student that he accepted. In 1995 Scott was passed for his 1st degree black belt under a board of instructors. Subsequently, he continued his studies with Long-Shr John Riddick and Long-Shr Stephen Rosenzweig until 1997 when he opened his first school in Longwood, Florida. Scott passed his 5th degree black belt test under Grandmaster Schmitz in 2006. He has also been granted the title Long-Shr (dragon teacher) which is bestowed on those who have dedicated their life to preserving and teaching the Pai Lum system. In 1999 Scott received an award for Instructor of the Year from the Florida Hall of Fame. Additionally, he was named Business Person of the Month July 2015 by the Longwood City Commission.